About Us

Lex Familia, as the name suggests, is an endeavour to create a Family of Lawyers. Our vision is to create an alliance of senior practitioners and young legal minds. We strongly believe in “learning together and growing together”.

With this idea of togetherness, we have associated with senior practitioners to share their learnings and experience with young legal minds. We ‘share’ and we ‘care – with this motto we look forward to ‘share’ the knowledge which benefits the students to enter the corporate world with much more preparedness, knowledge and confidence; and during the process we also ‘care’ to guide freshers on a path suitable for them in a structured manner with our continuous mentorship available to them.

At LFI, we educate young lawyers in a fashion that is completely distinctive. Our primary aim is to equip budding lawyers with the necessary legal training equivalent to what is expected of an associate working in a law firm, all provided from a practical standpoint with practitioner’s insight.

Breaking the stigma of approachability and the barrier between seniors and juniors, our goal is to fill the significant gap that exists between traditional learning outcome of students in college and the expectations of a law firm. Having trained quite a few associates ourselves, we understand the gap and with our sessions and mentorship programme, we tend to address the need of students and prepare them to be a law firm/corporate organisation ready.

In our workshops, the endeavour is to teach about entire practice area with simplicity and the most complicated concepts are taught with ease. We also conduct analysis of real-life transactions for students to ensure that they understand the concepts based on their applicability. We aim to ensure that every student develops a strong base, with special emphasis on practical topics dealt on a day-to-day basis. We train our students like we train our associates and with this approach we hope to make a difference in our legal fraternity.



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